Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hey-- What's up?

Blog-- Hmmm...

Not sure what to write...

Not that my life and the life of my family is boring-- it is the exact opposite. We are busy and life is crazy and exciting. Unfortunately for the last few months it has been hard to take the time to articulate that in a blog post. It has been almost 7 months since the last post. Sorry for all two of you that actually read our blog.

It is hard to believe that April 2010 is here. When I entered into BYU's MPA program two years ago 2010 seemed a long way off. I knew the time would move quickly. I was right about that I just did not anticipate how fast the time would actually go.

I am at now facing the end of the MPA program and graduation is just weeks away. The problem is I still have much to do before graduation. Unfortunately, I have a serious case of "I don't care anymore" syndrome. Okay, I do care, but I am having a hard time convincing my self that I do. Does that make sense?

I have a week and a half of classes left, a few major papers due this next week, final assignments and finals creeping up quickly. I care, but not enough. I need motivation. I need inspiration. I need to get to work. I had planned to get to work and get some use out of the weekend, but alas Fellowship of the Rings was on TBS tonight. I could not forgo that treat! So I indulged and procrastinated the inevitable for a few more hours. It is crazy. I AM crazy.

I am sure I will wish for those few hours later this week. I know when my back is up against the deadline I am sure to be pushing in the next 72 to 96 hours I will regret the time wasted. But for now it somehow feels like a good trade off. Oh well.

I guess that even this post is a cry for help. I'm not sure what help I am hoping for, or why exactly I need help, I just have a feeling that I do. Hmmm. It's kind of funny that I can ignore this once flourishing (ok a little exaggerated) blog for 7 months and now, tonight, have the sudden urge to update.

Yes it must be a cry for help. Help me get motivated-- Help me log out and get to work-- Help me feel the urgency of my situation.


IT IS urgent that I get to work... ... ... but for now I am just feeling tired. Maybe I'll go to bed and sleep on the urgency.

Sounds like a plan. :)