Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cutie Pie

We have now been in Provo for 3 weeks. Wow how time flies. We are having fun as a family, however in a short 7 weeks the honeymoon will be over and I will be up to my neck in graduate courses. So we are having fun while we can!

It has been some time since I last updated our blog. It is much easier on our computer and especially now we have high speed Internet set up. Yahoo!

I do have some ideas as to what I want to blog, one of those entries will document the rite of passage that Ben and I took part in earlier this week. What was the rite of passage you ask? Hiking Y mountain of course. We made it and I Will blog about it with pictures and all later.

Today I was inspired to blog by a photo I took on my i phone this evening. But first we have to get there. We had lots to do and we got most of it done. But somehow we ended up at University Mall in Orem today. We were on an errand to pick up some cat food (which we did)and started to head home but ended up at the mall. I still think I fell for the old bait and switch deal. The objective of our trip was to complete a task, unknown to me the covert plan was a outing to the mall. Somewhere along the line I must have subconsciously complied with a subliminal message. I must have agreed once we arrived because I knew Sarah needed new Sunday shoes. Excellent that will be a quick trip.

We ended up walking the entire length of the mall, from Mervyn's to Nordstroms with a few stops in between. Sarah, the one child that needed new shoes could not find any, but it turns out that Ben also needed shoes which found along with a new outfit for Nancy. The trip was a success.

Why all the fuss about the Mall? It all stems from the fact that I hate shopping, especially clothes shopping. Sorry that is just the way it is. I think generally I would rather be Mike Rowe's lackey on Dirty Jobs than go clothes shopping.

Well in the end was it all that bad? Not really. I am just glad that there were padded seats strategically placed through out the mall.

Back to the inspiration for all this mess. I had my i phone and while the rest of the gang was inspecting the public rest rooms I snapped a couple of shots of our little Gracie. She is nearly 10 months old and changing so quickly. Isn't she a cutie pie!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Eagle has landed!

Well the Eagle has landed indeed. We have officially lived in Utah for one week today. We are almost unpacked (note to self: throw away or burn all belongings before next move!) Really I would rather burn all our belongings than move them again.

Unfortunately our TV / Internet will not be installed until Thursday - Ack! I am updating via my i-phone. More to come when we get totally set up.

We are excited to be here and at the same time missing NorCal.