Friday, November 30, 2007

A night with the AQUABATS!

On November 27th (last Wednesday night) Ben and I went to see the Aquabats! It was so much fun. The put on one of the best concerts I have seen them perform. They played some of their newer music and also some great older songs I haven't heard for years. I was truly FUN! The Bat Commander in my first cousin, so we have followed the band for quite a number of years. It is great seeing them have so much success!

This is the "Bat Commander" during the concert. Below is a stock photo of the band in action. You can tell we are related because we have the same body profile ... I don't feel so bad any more because he is like a super hero!

Christian Jacobs is also a co-creator of the kids show on Noggin "Yo Gabba Gabba!" This is DJ Lance who stars on the show and he was touring with the Aquabats.
Click on DJ Lance to visit GabbaGabba land.

We met Lance and found him to be the nicest person. He was willing to talk to us like there was no one else in the room. Ben was really excited to meet him because he recognized him from Yo Gabba Gabba. Emma wished she had seen Lance because she LOVES "Gabba Gabba" as she calls it. I was really impressed with Lance, a very genuine and friendly person that has not let any of his fame go to his head. This is Ben and Lance right after the concert.

This is Ben and Christian back stage after the concert. We got to meet all the band members and as already mentioned DJ Lance.
Sarah has informed me that she will be going to the Aquabats the next time they come to Slims in San Francisco. Personally I can hardly wait!

Oops! This was actually posted by Scotty and NOT Nancy!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a somewhat nontraditional thanksgiving this year. We spent our holiday week in Pacific Grove next to the Beach. We had the most spectacular weather with sunny days and temp in the upper 60's. We had fun with Family and friends who came to play for a couple of days.

This is me and my sister Karen. It is fun to have a sibling who is close by and we enjoy their family so much.

I am sorry I do not have a picture of her oldest daughter Christy or her husband Danny. Danny and I had a great day golfing on the Tuesday before thanksgiving. We were paired up with Russ and Mickey, two retired gents who knew absolutely every soul we encountered on the course. A bit intimidating but friendly guys that put up with a couple of amateurs. Later that night Danny and I spent a good amount of time sparing with my new obsession Mashoonga! sabers. Yes Danny, I await our next battle padawan!

Here are the Lucy's, Danny and Christina's Lucy and our Emma Lucy. Cute Cute Cute!

My kids LOVE their cousins, and they are so kind to their younger counterparts. This is me and my kids with their cousins Katy and Becca and Becca's "friend" Kyle.

I took the kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and had a blast. Here are the kids next to the main otter exhibit. I swear we did see otters! Unfortunately they did not make the photo.

We had a fun time on thanksgiving day with friends from Church. They joined us on Turkey day as we enjoyed our special meal together. Afterwards we all went and saw Disney's new movie out "Enchanted" I recommend this movie to everyone. It was excellent definitely a 5 star and probably worth another viewing at the theatre!

Our thanksgiving day ended as the sun set into the Pacific.

Wow Christmas is just around the corner! Happy holidays!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Theater Casualties

My oldest niece got married today in the Salt Lake Temple! Jenny is only 10 years younger than I. We are closer in age than her mom and I (we are 13 years apart). I am so sad I couldn't be there but thrilled that my darling daughter got to go in my place. I do not want to steal Scott's thunder on blogging about it since he was actually there but I was so excited to see the pictures I had to post one immediately. Jenny is an amazing woman and so talented! I am so happy for her! I know she is giong to be so happy with her new hubby, Mark.

Every show I play for seems to have some sort of family casualty. Missing this temple wedding will go on record as a big one for me.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shhhh...the carrots are sleeping!

Is it ever too late to go to the grocery store? Good old Safeway is advertised as being open 24 hours a day. I made a late Saturday night run to my local Safeway this evening, about 10:30pm, to pick up a few last minute items before the Sabbath. After running into a friend and colleague from the theater (hey Lenore!), I went into the produce section to pick up my much needed bell pepper. I was bewildered to find that all of the lights were out in the refrigerated section--you know, the part where the sprinklers go off every so often. Does the produce section close? Apparently the lettuce and other various vegetation do go night-night at my Safeway.

One of my other items of purchase was an ice cream pie: a much craved dessert to celebrate after a performance of Guys & Dolls. Going to an establishment to enjoy a treat after the show with all the kids just doesn't work anymore. The very helpful adolescent bagging my groceries happily inquired if someone at my house was celebrating a birthday. My response: "Well, sort of." I didn't want to tell him that I have hidden in my car, a plastic fork so I could eat it on the way home. It's better not to let my friendly bagger think that somebody would buy a Safeway ice cream pie just for a snack.

P.S. Don't worry, I just indulged in one piece...well, at least so far.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Theater Thursday - Words from the Ugly Stepsister

A huge part of our family is our involvement in the Danville Children's Musical Theater. This great opportunity has grafted us into the Greenberg family. We love our association with them but let's face it, we are Pam's slaves. We definitely work harder than those full-blooded sisters, Celia, Paige, Ellie & Lenore (well, maybe not Nor since she had to choreograph this show). Here's a little glimpse into what it's like for us during theater season.

Our garage turns into a workshop as Scotty works on the sets. (Notice the scooter which holds a story for another blogging day about Ben riding it on a walk with a blanket over his legs...)

Scotty works every spare minute on the sets. He married into this mess and is now a true theater guy because he claims his creative juices don't flow unless he procrastinates until the last minute.

Scotty Jr. helping out. (Notice the protective goggles. A lesson learned from the year Ben's cornea was scratched by flying sawdust.)

Two of our four neglected children during the season.

And me, practicing away, transposing music for ungrateful kids who think I can just do this with the snap of my fingers. Unfortunately, I'm not pictured at my lucky Yamaha piano I play at the theater. I decided photographing it would be very sacrilegious similar to photographing the pulpit of an LDS chapel. I am VERY superstitious about playing for a show. For example, whatever happens to be on the piano at the beginning of Tech Week MUST remain there until the final show. I have been known to have happy meal toys or empty water bottles somewhere on the piano during the entire run because they got left there in the beginning. I get very upset if things are moved. Don't be getting any ideas. Word on the street is that the theater piano is going to be replaced with a digital piano. GASP!!!!! I'm in denial. I may need medication if this comes to fruition. Yes, I have considered purchasing it myself and storing it only to haul it back for each show as part of the sets. Scotty said over his dead body.

Sarah asked me at rehearsal last Monday what was wrong with Pam. I inquired what she meant and she said, "why does she yell like that?" I told her it was just that time of year. She is an equal opportunity yeller except I don't think she ever yells at Scotty. Pam has always been good to me and our family. She even let me have a baby this theater season. We can put up with a little yelling.

Tech week is a trial for everyone but it is all worth it. There is nothing better than playing for a show. I LOVE to play the piano!! All the hardwork is worth seeing those kids shine. Pam does her amazing magic resulting in a show to be proud of! I'm grateful for such a great opportunity to do something I love! It's even better to share it with my whole family! Thanks Pam & pseudo-stepfamily!

halloween Take 2

Can you say CANDY! Each of the kids filled up their pumpkin! The daddy tax just increased! You may recognize some costumes, and happily Emma chose to actually be a Dog (a some what dressed dog with pink boots sorry you can't see them, but a dog none the less)! Hope your all hallows eve was fun like ours.