Friday, February 06, 2009

Go, Dog. Go!

Many of you (particularly with kids) have heard of the children's book titled Go, Dog. Go! by P. D. Eastman and may have even read it. It is a quick read--

Regardless BYU's theater department presented an adaptation of the book on stage. I took the three older kids and had a fun time. The program consisted of simple sets and six actors. They played Red Dog, Blue Dog, Green Dog, Yellow Dog, Hattie/Spotted Dog, and MC Dog. There was a lot of running, singing, dancing and howling in harmony. The dogs were working, driving, running, eating, sleeping, and of course singing. We had lots of fun-- the kids and dad loved it and had a good time out on the town (if the HFAC is out on the town.) For the non-BYU-Alum the HFAC is the Harris Fine Arts Center. I am continually amazed how many events are available and affordable on campus. We have decided to try to take more advantage of the enriching activities on campus in the short time we are here at BYU. After the show we waited around and got to meet the "Dogs" on stage. The kids thought it was fun to meet the actors-- however having spent their growing up years in the Theater (Thanks to Pam and DCMT (Danville Children's Musical Theater)) and Nancy's involvement with the theater, being on stage was a familiar feeling for them. If you may be wondering about the "dogs" in the picture, they just came from a "Dog Party" so they are all wearing party hats with their ears pointing up, or hanging down. Thanks BYU theater department for a fun night out.


Laurel C. said...

What fun! I read that book to my kids EVERY night! And yes, I do mean every. Sometimes more than once. I am pretty sure I could have played one of those dogs in the play... I have all the words memorized. Dog Party!

Christy said...

I have been reading that book non stop to Lucy and sort of hate it by now. When Katy told me it was at the HFAC I was so curious how they would do it. Did they sit on trees, on houses on boats in the water? Was the climax a big dog party? Crazy. Glad it was good!

liz j said...

That would have been awesome. We LOVE that book.

Robin said...

You bring back so many memories- yes momories because that is what they become. The fabric of your life. We miss you and just recently opened our charished jar of grape jelly ala Scot! Delicious. hope all is well!

Jomilo21 said...

Now 5 years later... :) I was Green Dog in that production and just saw this post. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Theatre is an amazing experience for children!
Jordan Long
Green Dog