Friday, July 17, 2009

In The Car for Hours!

Lessons Learned:

Don't give Dramamine to Grace-- It may keep her from tossing her cookies-- But it keeps her up (only a half hour of sleep out of 10 hrs of driving!) And also keeps her up a quarter of the night bouncing off walls! AAACK! My bad parent award comment is: "If medicine does not knock your kids out for at least a couple hours-- what good is it?" :)

Fights in the car can be entertaining. Example: Emma and Sarah sitting together. Emma thinks it would be fun to start copying everything Sarah Says! Sound familiar? After quite a few copied phrases-- with Sarah's frustration level increasing along with Emma's elation-- the following was heard:

Emma: Emma stop copying me!
Emma: Mom-- Make me stop!

We really had a laugh-- not sure if this one is a "had to be there" moment-- but I did have tears running down my face. I never knew I could laugh that hard and keep the car under control. :)

Next lesson

Ben was sequestered in the equivalent of the tail gunner seat. All seats but his lonely single back seat were laid down and packed around him, including the cooler and food box. He was put in charge of the food, and passing it up to the others including pilot and co-pilot was his sworn duty. Unfortunately, the pilots generally had to yell food orders several times to get the message across and then wait for him to search everywhere for the item all the time convinced it was not there... At the end of the day he did a good job, but lesson learned-- put the food box with in reach of the co-pilot-- everyone will be happier.

Another lesson learned-- Now I know why all the snow birds travel North for the Summer-- It is HOT in Arizona!

Sorry I have no current photos of any events written about-- my photographer is on strike and this stock shot taken in May will have to do. Hey Nice hair Scott!


Teresa said...

Family vacations...ahh, such memories!
We were just at Vivian Park this past week-end. We should get our families together sometime - considering we're actually in the same least for now.

Laurel C. said...

Aren't road trips just the BEST with kids? Sigh... at least no one barfed.

karen said...

Oh. Crap. I should have warned you about the dramamine. Same thing happened to Ian. One 30 minute nap or something for the 13 hour journey. Sorry.

Kath said...

O man! I have been putting off the inevitable road trip...thx for sharing your adventures. It gets me excited (?) for my own...coming in a few weeks. WML (wish me luck)

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