Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today was Nancy's Birthday! The main event of our family celebration was up Provo canyon!

We took up our little BBQ and cooked up some fun. My cousin Julie and her husband Allan and family joined us in the little celebration.

Julie made the cake-- and as it turns out the same kind of cake the Nancy's mom used to make for birthdays-- Strawberry sheet cake! It brings back memories. Thanks Julie!

We went to a park above Vivian Park at the end of South Fork canyon.

We really had a lot of fun playing with the kids and eating. We also managed to take a few pictures.

This is Julie and Allen and their family!

Of course this is our little family-- in the trees!

If you do not know already, Nancy is pretty amazing! For those of you that may not know her personally I will elaborate a little in the form of a couple of things that I find amazing about my wife Nancy:

Music-- Nancy is musically talented, she is a gifted pianist and an excellent accompanist. She is also an accomplished flautist. She Loves music, and equally important is passing that love on to our children. Currently Sarah plays the piano, and hopes to start the flute in the near future. Ben played the piano, but now is happily playing the Baritone! I am so thankful that our house is full of Music.

Friendship-- Nancy is a friend! Not just a friend-- she is a good friend. She quite naturally is a listener and loves to talk and listen to people. She is at ease in a group and loves a one-on-one conversation. She truly enjoys people and loves getting to know them. Most importantly-- She is MY best friend.

Advice-- Nancy gives good advice. You might think this is a simple thing-- but there is a lot to it. Nancy values truth, honesty, wisdom, love, kindness, and gratitude, among other things, and I believe her advice as well as her life reflect these virtues. Nancy really thinks about things, she also ponders and prays about them, and is naturally spiritual. I value and appreciate the advise and council I receive from Nancy!

Numbers-- This may sound a little funny-- But Nancy is amazing with numbers! She is our family accountant and she does a fantastic job! But even more amazing is her memory-- she is a walking phone book. She remembers phone numbers and can recall them almost instantly. Besides being amazing it is really quite convenient!

Long-suffering-- This is a biggie! I have to admit that the last few years have at times been difficult. Especially making the decision to leave employment and return to school at the age and stage of our family. We both knew that the MPA program at BYU was the right thing to do. Even so it was still has not been easy. We picked up and left our home, friends, and associations of 12 plus years and moved to Provo. Nancy has been the greatest support to me and has done it willingly and with faith, knowing that in the end it would all work out. We still have faith that it will work out-- Nancy, thank you for your long-suffering and faith in me!

Love-- This one may be my favorite. Nancy loves me-- even with all my faults. I think that is pretty amazing. I want her to know that I love her! I am so thankful for her and all that she means to me. I love the fact that we are married and have a little family. She is the foundation of our family and is committed to each one of us, and I believe that her underlying motivation truly is love. Nancy, I love you-- you have my heart, and all my love!

Happy, Happy Birthday Honey! Hope you had a wonderful day!




Teresa said...

What a great tribute! Happy Birthday Nancy - hope it was great!

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday Nancy. We miss you.
(You too Scott).

Paige said...

Oh all those things are so true. You forgot she's super hot too, especially in those pics! We miss our missing sister.

Brian, Emily, & Charlie said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!! I love you SOOO much! You are truly an amazing woman and role-model. Thank you for all you have done for me and taught me (and will continue to teach me, I am sure). I love you!

Paige said...

Sorry Nancy, but no. No to the leggings. Yes to Emma. No to anyone over 30. Sorry.

Kath said...

Go Scotty!! Very nice. I happen to love your wife too! (Did that sound's not creepy.) Happy bday Nanc--hope you got my (LAME) phone message:)

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Nancy! You look BEAUTIFUL in those pictures. What a cute family picture too. We love you Nancy!

(PS: I don't just want to say "thank you" for the GORGEOUS quilt on a blog comment, but until I write/stamp/mail/deliver a thank you note I want you to know how much we loved them. What a perfect idea-you are so incredibly considerate...the rest will be in the long awaited card:)

Becca said...

I finally have internet so I can finally comment! I love you Nancy! I am so grateful for all the fun times that we have together and for all the help and advice you've given me. It's always a blast to hang out with you and Scott and the kids!

Heidi McMillan said...

we are interested in finding a place to rent and heard you might be looking for renters. Is that true? Let us know if you are and what you are asking. If you aren't, just call us crazy. Thanks!!

liz j said...

And Nancy is really really funny! Happy birthday!

D-dawg said...

K I'm late on this one but Happy birthday. I love these pictures of you.

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