Monday, January 12, 2009

A Good Deed

A week ago Sunday, I was in Relief Society enjoying a moment hands-free without Gracie (it was Scott's turn to wrestle with her as we await the blessed nursery day that won't come soon enough). A sign-up sheet went around that turned out to be for the stake adult women's basketball league. After realizing what it was, I quickly passed it to the newly-married-with- one-child-already-back-t0-her-pre-pregnancy-weight-cute-girl beside me. She turned to me and said, "wouldn't you like to sign-up for basketball?" Ummm, [chuckle, chuckle] yeah right, I don't think so." [raise eyebrows, roll eyes].

I quickly realize this gal is in charge of the adult women's sport for our ward as evident by the follow-up conversation. She says, "really, I think you'd have a good time. It would be a lot of fun. I think you should sign up." Deer in the headlights. I mean really, girl, look at me. My feet are hardly touching the ground and I'm quite certain my right booty cheek is lopping over onto your chair. You can't be serious. "Well...uh....hmmm....I'm just not that athletic. I'm not....really... in the best of shape right now." LOOK AT ME!! I really wanted to explain to her that despite my appearance I do exercise nearly everyday but I'm just not the basketball type and frankly I've been eating too much, because you see I'm really stressed and I eat when I am stressed and food is love and, and, and....No time to have a heart-to-heart excuse session with this nice girl who is trying to magnify her calling. She says back to me "well, the more people we have, the less everyone has to do and I think you'd be surprised how fun it is. You could totally do it." I reply, "when are the games, I would love to come and support. I'm a really good cheerleader." She gives me the details and I tell her I'll think about it.

As I thought about this nice girl during the rest of the Relief Society lesson, I realized what a good deed she did for me. She actually made me feel very good. She didn't take the stereotype and assume. After the amen was said, I turned to her and thanked her for being so kind to me. I got her name and told her she actually just about convinced me to give it a try. I promised, way more sincerely, that I would seriously consider it and get back to her.

I'm not exactly sure of the moral of the story but I do know this totally unknown person to me made me feel good. That is a good deed.
I don't have a picture of me playing basketball or anything bloggy like that but I do have some photos from a recent sledding engagement.

It's all fun and games until someone wipes out...


The Hopkins said...

You are seriously such a great writer! You crack me up! By the way, my money is on you running down the court this time next year.

karen said...

Love that story! And love the cute photos you took. You must have had a good photography teacher. ;)

mamasuisse said...

I'm laughing my lopped over booty off right now! That was so well said. And it made me feel good, too.

Kath said...

fun post and totally in need of a basketball follow-up. the sledding looks o! so fun!!

katielyn said...

Tracy and I call those ladies "young sprites." But now, after being at the gym so much, she's actually a young sprite, and I'm just the one calling them the names. The story was hilarious. Thanks for sharing! You should have said, "Uh, lady, I'm a Curtis, the extent of my athleticism takes place on a golf course or on the piano, you pick."

D-dawg said...

Nancy, that is a good story. I like it. I also love the sledding pics. Sledding sounds so fun right now! And why are you stressed? Did you write about it and I didn't see it? I'm going to go keep reading now.

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