Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of School

This a unique year for our family: new schools all around!

Ben on the first day of school last week:

Sarah on her first day of school last week:
Emma's first day of preschool:
And last but certainly not least, Scott's first day of grad school:
Four brave souls!

As for Grace, she is attending the school of making big messes and being as darling as ever. I am just beginning the school of how not to be the hugest mother hen of this brood.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everything I Need I Can Get at the Wilkinson Center

Scott is about to start school tomorrow and so I have finally resurfaced as a blogger. Well, sort of...I'll try at least!

The Wilkinson Center on campus is proving to be my full-proof, one-stop shopping convenience location. Here's everything I was able to do in one hour yesterday:

  • Mailed 5 padded envelopes to my brothers and sister with our family photos DVD at the campus Post Office (Did I mention the workers are so helpful?)

  • Got my spouse ID at the ID center

  • Bought Emma a treat at Jamba Juice for being so patient while doing the above

  • Stopped at the ATM which doesn't charge a use fee

  • Bought special school supplies for my multiplicatingly challenged boys at the bookstore....

  • Also found the Crayola Expression Mini-Stampers that Ben's teacher had looked everywhere for....

  • And my favorite...

  • Emma got the most adorable haircut ever at the BYU Barber & Salon!

And what was everyone else doing at home while Emma & I were so productive at the Wilk?

Scott did shed a few tears about the loss of over 9 inches of Emma's hair. Sorry, it just had to be done. He is the brusher of the rat's nest and he is going to be otherwise engaged starting tomorrow. Emma would have had dreadlocks if it wasn't for this adorable cut. Emma is so pleased that she doesn't have to cry everytime her hair is brushed!

One last look at those golden locks! (Scott, it really will grow!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4TH of July as promised

This was our first 4Th of July in Utah. We had a blast. I'm sorry it is now a month and a half since the 4Th, it almost seems like I should just skip it and wait until next year... However I have the pictures and I might as well share, right?

It seems like in Provo that the independence day celebrations last a week or so. For us it all started on the 3rd when we woke up early and saw about 20 or 30 hot air balloons take off. It was spectacular.

On the 4Th they flew the balloons once again, we did not see them lift off, but 3 or 4 landed in the park near our house. The kids and I went to watch and actually helped bring some of them down. It was fairly crazy because a large race was happening simultaneously in the park, so there were thousands of people running, waiting for runners and of course the balloons landing. It was pretty fun.

We then rode our bikes down to center street and joined my cousins and watched the 4Th of July parade street side. This is Nancy and Gracie enjoying the festivities!

I love this picture of the kids standing on the street watching a pipe and drum band go by... Lets hear it for "Scotland the Brave!"

After riding our bike uphill all the way home... we headed over to my cousins house and celebrated the nation's and my cousin Julie's birthday with a fantastic BBQ and cake. Later in the afternoon we headed over to my parents condo and dropped of Emma and Grace while Nancy and I and the big kids went to the Stadium of Fire!

The Stadium of Fire is held at the LaVelle Edwards Stadium on BYU campus and was filled to capacity. Miley Cyrus was headlining along with the Blue Man Group and Emceed by Glen Beck. We were not disappointed.

Here we are waiting for the show to begin.

As the show began 4 F-16's from Hill AFB flew about 1500 feet over the stadium with full afterburners lit. It was like an earth quake it was so loud. After that there were 7 Para-jumpers that jumped from about 10,000 feet and all landed in the stadium. Man it was cool!
There was a great flag ceremony... the flag is being held by service men and women from the Utah National Guard that had served in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a touching moment.

The Blue Man Group was excellent, I would love to see them again. Miley was ok. I don't think I will jump to see her again. Once it got dark the fireworks started choreographed to music from the movies. I have seen a lot of fire work displays including quite a few in Washington DC and I have to say that the Stadium of Fire was the best firework show I have ever seen. It lasted about 45 minutes and it seemed like there were about 7 or 8 finales. When the finale came there was no doubt it was the last hurrah for the evening.

Pictures of fireworks can be really disappointing and the above one is admittedly disappointing and does not capture the feeling at all, but there it is anyway.

What a fun day we had, and we are determined to go to the Stadium of Fire next year again. It was a long day but very memorable. We can't wait for our second 4Th of July in Provo next year.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Going, Going...

Going, going, but not quite gone. Of course I am talking about Gracie. I'm sure if it was up to her she would sign up for the Provo canyon half marathon. She is up and walking and even trying to run. For weeks she would take a step or two and then move back to her speed crawl. In the last week those steps turned into a much more confidant spurt of walking, but crawling was still the fastest way to get where she wants to go.

As of today (8/11) walking has become her preferred mode of transport. This little video was taken at Kim and Shirley's house.

Nancy was there for my cousin Emma Lee's bridal shower last Saturday. Click here to check out Emma and Jed's engagement announcement blog.

The kids were excited to see and take a picture with Emma. They were excited because Emma plays the character and voice over for "Foofa" on "Yo Gabba Gabba" It is a fun kids show on Noggin and Nick Jr that the kids love. (I understand that there are some BIG kids that like the show too... Hey Kyle V I'm a fan too!) Emma just returned a week or so ago from Hollywood where they just finished the last episode for their second season. Congratulations to Christian, Emma, Parker and the rest of the crew we can't wait for the next season!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

"July she will fly!"

As the Simon & Garfunkel lyrics describe July did fly! But first things first. I promised pictures from Ben and My trip to the Y.

Going back to June 24th, this is of course Ben at the Y gate at the trail head to the Y.

This was the first view we got of the Y on switchback number 8 out of 10.


This is the view from the top of the Y looking down on Provo and BYU campus.

We took a camel back filled with cold water and a little lunch we ate up at the top. It was a nice hot day, but really fun to spend some good father and son time together.

Next installment "The 4th of July"... hopefully before the end of August!